Life is better with Aphy.

Being a customer of Aphy is like having a superhero on speed dial. Our automation technology irons out the bumps in your system operations with around-the-clock accuracy and consistency. Let's break it down.

Life without Aphy…

Hoteliers have a tab open for this, a tab open for that and a bunch of dizzying spreadsheets to maintain. Hotel teams are flip-flopping between checking in guests and shaking cocktails. And on the phone, impatient Isaac is wondering why his credit card is not going through...

Our not-so-secret solution

Move over R2-D2 – there's a new bot on the block! In fact, we've perfected over 50 bots (and counting) to suit a multitude of areas in hospitality. Each one will effortlessly automate your workflow and management processes, 24/7. Think: credit cards checked, audits completed and time
to think. (H)aphy days!

This is what we call –
the Messyverse.

For Tech’s sake get me out of here!

Life with Aphy...

Payments are collected for reservations cancelled outside your policy. Tickets are made when rooms need cleaning. Invalid credit cards are flagged. You, however, no longer handle any of them – or have to worry about them.

Aphy automates all menial tasks so your team focuses on what
they do best... hospitality.

Cloud-based tech connecting people in hospitality.

Enjoy up to 8x
Reclaim zillions of time spent on menial tasks
Know robots are running mistake-free, 24/7
Save up to €50k per process we automate

Interesting story...

...tell me more over a call!

Things that make you go 'ooh'

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