Reservation Sanitiser

Why waste time tidying new reservations?

Hotel reservations roll in every day – 10s, 100s, even 1000s! They all need checking, and they all need to be accurate. If done manually, this will take your team a gruelling amount of time.

That's where Aphy comes in. Our team has decades of experience with reservation and revenue management. We know the industry's systems like the back of our hands – and we'll happily reel off the best practices. First-hand experience is our superpower. So when we know your needs, we'll customise Reservation Sanitiser and optimise your operations. Validating names, matching market segments with rate codes, adding traces based on your requirements – they're child's play for this digital worker.

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Fixes market segments
Updates source code
Packages inclusions
Inserts traces
Fixes zip codes
Reviews comments
Checks member benefits and adds missing info
Checks and compares rate discrepancies
Cross checks with external systems

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