Data Whizz

Never worry about your data again.

How are you storing data? Typically, hotels store data across a mix of systems and databases rather than in one place. The result? Hotel teams spend countless hours creating reports, particularly when data from multiple systems is needed to make one report.

Data Whizz collects and organises data – no matter where it's from. It'll turn your data into a report and send it in whatever format you need, like a PDF or a Google Slide presentation. To better understand your needs, we'll develop the best solution together. Why give your team laborious tasks when our tech can do them for you?

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Reads data from PDF reports
Extracts columns or rows
Copies and pastes from a file to another
Builds new reports
Fills in template reports
Sends reports by email
Uploads reports to shared drive
Converts data format
Calculates KPIs

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