The who, what and why

Aphy is short for Apheleia, the Greek goddess of simplicity. She's a reminder that less is more. Our goal is to make your life easier through the power of automation. Instead of doing menial tasks, our software does it for you! There's no need to start from scratch. No 'tech talk' that makes your head spin. Our software sits neatly on top of your existing systems. Against Aphy, the Messyverse doesn't stand a chance!

Featherweight in age,
Heavyweight in experience

If boxing weighted on experience, we'd be a heavyweight. Our hospitality/tech experience spans over half a century. System integration and operational optimisation are what we do best. Now we want to help our community (that's you!) simplify the Messyverse and restore their sanity. Meet our (good looking) team below.

We're (h)aphy to meet you

Managing Director
Alex Hysbergue
Kai Overeem
Pascal Hakkers
Sales Manager
Pedro Moreira

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