Payment Genius

Goodbye, manual operations. Hello, smooth payment flows!

Hotel payments are complex. Think: virtual credit cards, pre-authorisations or master folios. And what about no-shows, cancellations, or invalid credit cards? They're all headaches your team can do without.

Payment Genius is set-up for your process. Before we add it to your system, we'll sit down with the departments dealing with your payments to understand their roles, needs and issues. Then, we'll automate all processes so the pain goes away. This digital worker isn't just a benefit for your team's wellbeing, it'll also find money often overlooked by hotel operators.

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Tops up pre-authorisations
Processes no shows
Checks credit card validity
Cancels invalid bookings
Processes virtual credit cards
Verifies booker name
Updates traces
Reconciles payment reports
Sends payment links

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