the Messyverse

The future of hospitality is here! Our automation technology irons out the Messyverse with around-the-clock accuracy and consistency. Best of all, our technology is cloud-based so if disaster strikes, you're backed up. This lets you and your team focus on what really matters.

Our not-so-secret solution

Move over, R2-D2 – there's a new bot on the block! In fact, we've perfected over 50 bots (and counting) to suit a multitude of areas in hospitality. Each one will effortlessly automate your workflow and management processes, 24/7. Think: credit cards checked, audits completed, time to actually think. (H)aphy days!

Our process


First, we familiarise ourselves with how your system operates and see which bot or software will optimise your workflow. We adapt to your needs, not the other way around.


An initial evaluation of costs gets the project rolling. This covers which software is best for your system, how we'll implement it, and what the effort is to do so.


If everyone's (h)aphy, the implementation begins! Our workshops will help your team understand how the tech works – and leave your workflow smoother than Barry White in silk pyjamas sliding along an ice rink.

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Barry White smoothness.

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